Mia Enell

Mia Enell is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in painting and drawing as well as photography, video, installation and sculpture. Although she makes use of different media, Enell approaches her work with the internal logic of a painter. She is best known for her paintings and drawings, depicting the eccentricities of her inner life, often with humor and a surrealist bent. Visions, haiku-like phrases - inspired by dreams, surrounding life or drawn from the unconscious, are part of the work: Enell likes to play with words, which features prominently in many of her works.


Enell spent her childhood between Gothenburg, Sweden and Antwerp, Belgium. Her parents were both artists (painters). Enell is a graduate from Nyckelvik Art School in Stockholm (1987) and received her DSNAP (MFA equivalent) from ENSBA: the “Beaux-Arts” in Paris (1992), where she lived for a decade. 


Born in 1967 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Mia Enell lives and works in New York since 1998. Select exhibitions include: Drawing Biennial, Drawing Room, London (2021), Emmanuel Barbault Gallery, New York (2018); C.O.D., Tirana, Albania (2018); Arena Vestfossen, Norway (2013); Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden (2011); Third Streaming, New York (2011), Colgate University Museum, Hamilton, NY (2006); Hellenic Museum, Chicago, IL, UP&CO, New York and London (2008, 2004, 2002); (2006); Mid-Manhattan Library, The New York Public Library (2006); Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, WA (2004); Delegation of European Commission, Washington D.C. (2004); Luxe Gallery, New York (2004); ENSBA-Quai Malaquis, Paris (2000); Centre Régional d’Art Contemporain, Sète, France (1999); Caisse des dépôts et Consignations, Paris (1999,1998); Espace Paul Richard, Paris (1999), Independent Center for Art & Photography, Paris (1997). Selected collections include: FNAC - Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris;  Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA); Statens Konstråd, National Public Art Agency, Stockholm; Collection Teto Ahrenberg, Switzerland. She is a recipient of such honors as The Elfi von Kantzow Alvin Art Award (2021) and The American-Scandinavian Society, Cultural Grant Award (2004).